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Emergency Birth Control

Emergency Birth Control is a medication that sexually active women can take after they have had a birth control emergency. The medication is a high but safe dose of the hormone found in most birth control pills.

Emergency contraception:

Pill Can prevent pregnancy AFTER unprotected sex.
Pill Is NOT the abortion pill.
Pill Works best within 24 hours after unprotected sex - but may work for up to 5 days.

Emergency birth control works in exactly the same way that birth control pills work. If a woman already has an established pregnancy (meaning a fertilized egg has already implanted into the lining of her uterus), this medication will NOT disrupt that pregnancy. It will have no harmful effect on the mother or the developing embryo.

Emergency birth control, called Plan B, is now available from the pharmacist without a prescription for women 17 years and older. Women 16 years of age and younger must have a prescription from their health care provider to get the medication.

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