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Flyer for Health Care Providers
Flyer for Health Care Providers who Treat Teens
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Emergency Contraception Versus the Abortion Pill
Patient / Community Education Flyer
Emergency Birth Control Poster (11" x 17")
La pastilla anticonceptiva de emergencia (11" x 17")

The Infant Mortality Reduction Coalition launched its Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy campaign in spring of 2006. The main strategy of this initiative is to educate health and social service providers about emergency contraception so that they can share correct information with their clients and patients. As recommeneded by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, local providers are asked to:

Pill Educate sexually active women and men about birth control and emergency birth control;
Pill Encourage sexually active patients to use a reliable method of birth control and have a plan in case they ever have a birth control emergency; and
Pill Equip those sexually active young women interested in emergency birth control with an advance prescription for the medication. This allows patients to go ahead and fill the prescription to have the medication at home just in case they ever do have a birth control emergency.

To date, we have provided over 20 in-service trainings in doctors' offices, local clinics, and human services agencies. Over 350 local providers have been trained and are now able to share the information with tens of thousands of community members. We have created fact sheets and posters to educate providers and community members about emergency contraception, when the medicine is most effective, and to let people know that this medicine is NOT "the Abortion Pill". Protocol changes have been implemented in a number of community clinics so that every sexually active woman is offered emergency contraception education.

Contact Information

The Forsyth County Infant Mortality Reduction Coalition is a community partnership housed within the Forsyth County Department of Public Health.

(336) 703-3260

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Lay babies on their back to sleep to help prevent death from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).