Be Healthy and Thrive in Forsyth County
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Core Values

Prevention is the key. Working to help women be healthy before they get pregnant is the best way to save babies’ lives and improve the health of our community long-term.

System and policy changes are needed. Individual’s actions in their own lives can prevent many infant deaths. However, the big-picture of policies and systems influence and sometimes limit the choices that individuals have.

No one group can solve this problem alone. The Coalition brings together the many groups, organizations, and individuals who are trying to prevent infant deaths in our community.

Racism is one underlying factor that contributes to many of our infant deaths. Social and economic injustice that result from racism impacts the options people have available. The economic situation of many families in our community is influenced by this broad social problem. Related stress impacts pregnant women.

Contact Information

The Forsyth County Infant Mortality Reduction Coalition is a community partnership housed within the Forsyth County Department of Public Health.

(336) 703-3260

Did You Know . . .

Birth defects are the second leading cause of death for local infants.