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For Infant Mortality Awareness Month (September) 2021, the Coalition co-hosted a Virtual Agency Share event for agencies in the county that provide home visiting or support services related to Maternal & Child Health Education. The goal was for agencies to reconnect and foster more collaboration despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access recordings of the Virtual Agency Share below, or use the Directory of Participating Agencies to find programs and resources fo ryour clients.

Virtual Agency Share Day 1 - Sept. 28, 2021

Presentations by:

  • Aunt Bertha
  • Nurse Family Partnership
  • Care Coordination for At-Risk Children
  • Catholic Charities
  • First Steps
  • Dept. of Social Services
  • AmeriHealth
  • Parenting PATH
  • Baby Love Plus
  • ImprintsCares
  • United Healthcare
  • Amos Cottage
  • Healthy Beginnings
  • Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist
  • Family Services
  • Family Support Network
  • Care Management for High-Risk Pregnancies

Virtual Agency Share Day 2 - Sept. 30, 2021

Presentations by:

  • Postpartum Resource Center of the Triad
  • Baby Cafe
  • WIC
  • Legal Aid
  • HealthyBlue
  • Lead Girls
  • Pregnancy Network
  • Child Care Resource Center
  • Financial Pathways
  • World Relief
  • Cribs for Kids
  • Birthright
  • Bridges to Hope
  • SmartStart
  • United Health Centers
  • Community Care Center

Directory of Partner Agencies and Programs

Agency Name Program Name Description Eligibility & Referrals
Amerihealth Caritas NC Active Medicaid, attendting provider that accepts Amerihealth.

To make a referral for services, apply for Medicaid.
Amos Cottage: Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Amos Cottage Therapeutic Day Program Services with the Dapartment of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

The program provides mental health treatment to children ages 3-7 who are experiencing repeated failure in their current classroom and home settings due to their inability to self-regulate their behavior. Children eligible for day treatment must meet the following admission criteria: experiencing severe behavioral challenges despite active professional community supports such as outpatient counseling, have received intensive formal classroom behavioral supports and, finally child's Primary Care Physician must also support/approve treatment service. The program employs a multi-disciplinary team approach which is comprised of staff licensed/credentialed in their respective fields. The program is also co-located with a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician who conducts extensive Developmental Behavioral Pediatric Assessments supporting the diagnostic process. Due to persistent behavioral, social and or emotional challenges the child is unable to benefit from participation in academic or school readiness activities at a developmentally appropriate level.

To make a referral, contact the Clinical Intake Specialist at (336) 713-7493 or the Administrative Assistant at (336) 713-7497 or finally the Program Director at (336) 713-7443.
Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist OB Home Visiting Program All patients are provided care coordination and introduction to our program that provides post partum nurse video/tele health visit within 3 weeks post delivery that allows for a health survey and resource connections from the community. All patients who reside in Forsyth County and that deliver at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist.

To make a referral, contact the Nurse Supervisor at (336) 713-6497.
Birthright of Winston Salem, Inc. Birthright of Winston Salem, Inc.

Program Brochure
We are a non-profit pregnancy resource center, and we offer loving, non-judgmental counseling and practical help to women facing difficult or unplanned pregnancies. We offer free and confidential pregnancy test, referrals to community services ( such as prenatal care, financial and legal assistance, parenting classes, adoption services and housing) Medicaid proof of pregnancy forms, Any woman who is or believes she may be pregnant.

To make a referral, call 336-774-0456 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Or call our hotline 24/7 at 800-550-4900.
Email us at or through our website.
Bridges to Hope Family Justice Center Services will be provided at no cost to individuals and families experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, child maltreatment, elder abuse, and human trafficking. To access existing domestic violence resources in Forsyth County, call Bridges to Hope at 336-776-3255 Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.
Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte Youth Services/ Youth Empowerment Opportunity Program

YEOP Brochure

Catholic Charities Services At A Glance
The Youth Empowerment Opportunity Program focuses on strengthening the safety and well-being of young people, encouraging them to finish high school, empowering them to access resources as needed, and advocate for themselves. Case management and supportive services meet the youth and family's basic needs, improve family relationships, strengthen family stability, support healthy parenting skills and child development, remove barriers to completing high school education, develop coping skills, and identify and connect with community resources to meet their needs. The program employs an individualized and age-appropriate approach to working with young people that identifies their strengths, provides support and encouragement to overcome challenges, empowers them to believe in themselves, and celebrates their successes. The program helps young people identify goals and fulfill dreams for the future as they strive for independence and self-sufficiency. Catholic Charities also offers food assistance, baby supplies as needed. Individuals between 12-19 years of age ( YEOP)

To make a referral, contact Valeria Bethea @ 336-714-3218 if interested in the Youth Empowerment Opportunity Program. Contact Harley Elkins @ 336-727-0705 if interested in the Catholic Charities Food Assistance and Wee Care Shop.
Centers for Exceptional Children Family Support Network (FSN)

Program Brochure
Family Support Network (FSN) services ie consultation, support groups, parent education, social events, and community connections

Infant/Toddler childcare for children with developmental delays or disabilities
No cost for Family Support Services, available to families who have children with intellectual/developmental disabilties in Forsyth and the surrounding counties

Children with developmental delays / intellectual disabilities - typical childcare fees or vouchers for the Infant Toddler program apply.

Referral form located on the Family Support page for FSN services

Interest form on the website for Infant/Toddler program.
Child Care Resource Center Consumer Education Referrals

Aunt Bertha Information Brochure
  • Help parents find high-quality child care
  • Help parents find resources to pay for child care
  • Refer families to other resources and services,
  • Offer resources to employers to help with child care and family-related issues
  • Collaborate with other agencies to enhance the quality of life for children
  • FNN Family Friend & Neighbor Care (Offer Classes Two research based curriculums Kaleidoscop & Kindermusik ( K B Reynolds Charitable Trust)
  • Services available in English & Spanish, our online services are available in many different languages
Everyone is eligible

To make a referral, contact us by Phone 336-245-4900 and speak to our Parent Specialists, or
Email us at: or Visit for online referrals 24/7 Aunt Bertha
Child Care Resource Center Resource and Referral Services Child Care Search is your one-stop shop to finding quality child care. Home of the largest comprehensive database of child care programs in the region. Parent Specialist search for information on over 800 child care programs throughout a 9-county area, including Alleghany, Ashe, Davie, Davidson, Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, Wilkes and Yadkin counties. Everyone is eligible to use our services regardless of income.

Send referrals to or if you have questions please contact us @ 336-245-4900 and speak to a Parent Specialist.
Family Services Child Development (Head Start) and Clinical & Community Services Our child development programs help low-income families in our community put their children on a path to success in school and throughout their lives. In collaboration with our community partners, Family Services provides Forsyth County's young children and their families educational, health, nutrition and social services that enhance each child's readiness for school.

Our clinical and community programs help individuals who have experienced domestic abuse and family violence, sexual assault and child maltreatment obtain immediate and long-term safety, empowerment, dignity and hope. Experienced, caring professionals offer comprehensive support and advocacy services and intervention programs for victims, survivors and their families to build a new, safe and healthier life.
Families must have a child under 5 years old and income or categorically eligible.

To make a referral, contact Christian Ryan, Enrollment Specialist, at 336-727-0617 (ext. 1202). Crisis lin: 336-723-8125
Finanical Pathways of the Piedmont Financial Counseling for personal money management
  • Budget and credit counseling
  • Credit report review counseling
  • Rental counseling
  • Foreclosure prevention counseling
  • Debt Management and Student Loan Debt counseling
  • Aging services for our seniors over age 60
  • Representative Payee Program - largest in the area
  • First time homebuyer counseling and education
  • Financial education
Anyone can access our services regardless of income or abilities.

To make a referral, contact 336-896-1191, or
For more information, visit
Financial Pathways of the Piedmont Financial Wellbeing
  • Aging Populations
  • Budgeting
  • Credit Counseling
  • Debt Management
  • Financial Education
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Fraud and Identity Theft
  • Downpayment Assistance
  • Homeownership
  • Representative Payee
  • RUMA - English and Spanish
  • Student Loan Debt
  • Public and Private Workshops
All are welcome.

To make a referral, call 336-896-1191.
Forsyth County Department of Public Health CMARC (Care Management for At-Risk Children) Care management services, home and virtual visits, connection to resources. Education is free and available to all residents in Forsyth County. To receive a free sleep space, the baby's mom or other caregiver must be referred by a care manager or home visiting program. Referrals can be made during pregnancy or after birth, but the baby must be under 1 year old and under 30 lbs. Families can receive 1 sleep space per mother per lifetime (exceptions made in cases of twins).

To make a referral, complete the referral form and fa to 336-748-3644. You can also send it via secure email at or call 336-703-3242.
Forsyth County Department of Public Health Cribs for Kids We offer free Safe Sleep education (available online, limited in-person options during COVID) in English and Spanish. Families who cannot afford a safe sleep space for their baby can be referred by a care manager or home visiting program to receive a free playard-style crib (pack 'n play). Education is free and available to all residents in Forsyth County. To receive a free sleep space, the baby's mom or other caregiver must be referred by a care manager or home visiting program. Referrals can be made during pregnancy or after birth, but the baby must be under 1 year old and under 30 lbs. Families can receive 1 sleep space per mother per lifetime (exceptions made in cases of twins).

Make a referral online or contact Reina Rodriguez at 336-703-3206.
Forsyth County Department of Public Health FROST (Forsyth Regional Opioid & Substance Use Team) Community education and outreach, technical assistance, and advocacy related to substance use and behavioral health. Must live and/or work in Forsyth County

To make a referral, contact Amanda Clark, Substance Use Health Educator at 336-486-0103.
Forsyth County Department of Public Health Healthy Beginnings Up to 6 Home Visits (virtual visits) per year, we offer education on health topics for mom and baby, meet-up / educational events, transportation to and from medical appointments, breastfeeding and family planning support, supply of multi-vitamins and folic acid, and referrals to other community agencies. Forsyth County resident, pregnant or within 60 days postpartum.

Make a referral online.
Forsyth County Department of Public Health Nurse-Family Partnerhsip Therapeutic relationship to support new moms in pregnancy and first two years of parenting. Goals include to improve birth outcomes, improve parenting skills and child development and increase family economic situation. Low income, first time pregnant women early in pregnancy.

To make a referral, call 336-703-3185. Make a referral to Tania 0 either a provider or a client can refer.
Forsyth County Department of Public Health Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) WIC Provides nutrition education, nutritious foods, breastfeeding support, and healthcare referrals for income-eligible women who are pregnant or post-partum, infants, and children up to age 5. WIC is designed to promote lifetime nutrition and healthy behaviors within these population.
  1. Income eligibility set at 185% poverty level (If person has Medicaid an/or SNAP meets this criteria)
  2. Nutritional Risk (nutritionists assess for risks)
To make a referral, call 336-703-3336 or fill out the online form.
Forsyth County Department of Public Health Triad Baby Love Plus Outreach to connect women of childbearing age and their infants with prenatal and family health services.
Case management services for up to 18 months after birth.
Health education and training for program participants.
Fatherhood/Male Involvement Program (Provided by Parenting Path).
Pre-pregnancy planning.
Monitoring child social, emotional, and other developmental needs
Women (preconception, prenatal, postpartum) who are residents of Forsyth County and are 15-44 years old.
Children less than 18 months old
Fathers or male partners

To make a referral, call 336-703-3189 for a referral form. Referrals are also taken over the phone and by secured email. Walk-ins are also welcome as a self-referral.
Forsyth County Department of Social Services Child Protectie Services and In-Home Services The FCDSS Child Protective Services (CPS) Intake department receives reports of suspected child abuse, neglect, and dependency for children under the age of 18. Once a report is accepted for meeting NC General Statutes 7B for abuse and/or neglect, a CPS social worker is assigned to assess any risk to the child and the family's ability to provide a safe environment In a trauma-informed manner, coordination with law enforcement and other community partners provides necessary services or court action to protect the child. Community partnerships and resources are utilized when working with all families.
CPS In-Home Services:
Forsyth County DSS CPS In-Home Services is vital for the provision of social work services for children whose families have been found in need of services, or for those whose parents have been substantiated for neglect or abuse. The primary goal for ongoing CPS In-Home Services is to support families to safely maintain their child (ren) in their own homes by eliminating identified safety concerns and reducing risk of future child maltreatment. CPS In-Home Services social workers engage families, their support systems, and other services providers to meet the identified need of the child (ren) and their families. CPS In-Home Services uses trauma informed practices and family engagement to deliver services to families within the context of the family's own community structure and can significantly reduce recidivism of Child Protective Services for families who have previously experienced child maltreatment, abuse, neglect, and domestic violence.
Parents or caretakers of children ages birth to 18 years old.

If you suspect abuse, neglect or dependency, please call our 24/7 CPS Abuse Line at 336-703-2287.
Forsyth Tech Forsyth Tech Cares These resources currently included childcare assistance through several grants, partnership with Child Care Resource Center to help help find adequate childcare, and a partnership with The Parenting PATH to offer classes and workshops. Students that attend Forsyth Technical Community College.

Students have a link that they fill out and it sent to our office for us to contact them. If they don't have access to the link they can call our office as well. Faculty and Staff can also, make referrals on the students behalf.
Forsyth Technical Community College Early Childhood Education College Courses, Continuing Education, Professional Development. Provide Early Childhood Education certificates, diploma and associate degrees; Specifically, an Infant/Toddler Certificate that would be supportive of your services Open door policy.

No formal referral process; advisement and recruitment and center visits.
Healthy Blue Health insurance, patient centered benefits, incentives Active Medicaid, attending provider that accepts Healthy Blue.

Apply for Medicaid for referral.
Imprints Cares Read for School/Parents as Teachers

Program Brochure
Our Ready for School programs target the needs of children (prenatal to 5 years old) who face the highest risk for academic failure through a tiered level of services including:
Reach out and Read - Pediatricians prescribe new age-appropriate books to children from birth to 5 years old as part of the well-child visit.
Pediatric Parenting Connections - Family Educators are co-located in pediatric practices to provide onsite consultation and support for parents of young children. Common concerns include: breast feeding support, positive parenting techniques, developmental delays, sleep issues
Pediatric Parenting Connections: Young Mom's Program - An intensive health-to-home initiative designed to support young moms ages 14-21 through the Wake Forest Baptist Health Birthing Center.
Book Babies - Low intensive home visiting that combines literacy coaching with the delivery of age appropriate books.
Parents as Teachers (PAT) - Intensive home visiting that promotes positive parenting and the social/emotional development of young children.
Family, Friends and Neighbors - Family educators support informal in-home childcare providers and offer critical tools to enhance both the learning environment and child development.
Families with one or more risk factors are eligible for our PAT program. The majority of families that we serve have children that are Medicaid eligible or live within 250% of the poverty line.

Families may self refer. We also accept referrals from health professionals and other community agencies.
LEAD Girls of NC We offer peer support workshops that challenge girls to explore their creativity, confidently assert their viewpoints and dialogue openly about things that matter to them. We use an evidence-based model as a framework for our activities to guide each girl through a curriculum formed around awareness, communication, leadership, and perspective. We also offer a Fashion Entrepreneurship Camp during the summer that teaches girls about design and how to launch a small business. Each Fall we also host an annual Girls Expo, one day event with workshops, special guests, STEM activities, & fitness parties for girls and their guardians. We offer our flagship program in two versions: one at local Middle Schools based on our partnership with WSFCS. Our Community Lead is open to middle school girls from any local school.

Girls interested in enrolling in our LEAD programs within WSFCS can speak to their site coordinator. Girls interested in community LEAD, summer camp, and our annual expo can apply online at or email for more information.
NC Navigator Consortium (a project of Legal Aid of NC) NC Navigator Consortium North Carolina Affordable Care Act enrollment assisters are federally certified to provide free, unbiased, in-person or virtual assistance to help you and your family explore your options and enroll in quality, affordable coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. We offer free appointments to everyone.

We will reach out directly to those who fill out our online referral form which I have attached as a QR code just in case there is a way you can link them; otherwise, appointments can also be made online at or by calling 855-733-3511.
Novant Health Baby Cafe Currently meeting virtually for group discussion/Q&A on breastfeeding related topics. Pre-Covid, in person meetings would offer a weight check, optional feeding observation, group conversation and a snack. While we remain virtual, any mom who is planning to breastfeed, currently breastfeeding, or providing breastmilk to her baby is welcome to join us on Zoom, since geography is not an issue.

Provide the link to the Novant Health online calendar of events (there are 3 meetings each week and each has their own Zoom meeting ID) for mom to register:
Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center Novant Health First Steps After having a baby, a mother may want some advice for keeping herself and her new child healthy. Novant Health First Steps is a program for parents who deliver at Forsyth Medical Center and Thomasville Medical Center and live in Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, or Yadkin counties that provides free in-home or virtual nurse visit. The goal of this program is to provide support for new mothers and their babies while connecting them with resources that can help the family thrive. Having a new baby affects many areas of a family's life. The visiting nurse can offer a range of services including weighing the baby, checking on mother's physical and mental health, teaching breastfeeding techniques, offering support as mother prepares to go back to work, helping bond between mother and new baby, understanding baby's crying, and sharing community resources such as nearby playgroups and parent support groups. Available to residents of Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, and Yadkin Counties who deliver at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center and Thomasville Medical Center.

While a woman is in the hospital with her new baby, one of the team members will stop by to schedule an in-home or virtual nurse visit. If the mother leaves the hospital before being seen, we will call to make the appointment. The home or virtual visit will take place when the baby is 2 to 4 weeks old.
Novant Health Today's Woman NH Today's Woman Outreach Program We are an OB/GYN office within the Novant Health System. We provide prenatal education to our patients, as well Women's Health and Pediatric Health to the community. We also have an Outreach Department those has a home visiting program with our prenatal patients that provides social support to our patients and we also provide support to community events. Free van transportation is also provided. Women of child bearing age and children from birth to 18 years.

Patients can simply call the office to schedule an appointment with provider or contact one of the Outreach Resource Specialist for community resources.
Postpartum Resource Center of the Triad We offer a free depression screening, a comprehensive directory of local perinatal providers, PMAD trainings, and a helpline to assist in navigating resources. Anyone is eligible to access the website.

No referral is necessary. A parent or provider can email or call PRCT to access the helpline and assistance navigating the directory.
Salem Pregnancy Care Center Hope Life Coaching Program/8-Week Parenting Class/Man 2 Man Free Pregnancy Test
Free Ultrasounds
Prenatal Vitamins
Pregnancy Medicaid Verification
Community Referrals
Non-Judgemental, Confidential Support and Assitance
One-on-One Mentoring
8 Week Parenting Classes
Hope Life Coaching
Man to Man
Community Shopping
Expecting moms and dads

No referral is needed, just have them call us!
School Social Work Teen Parents and Their Families School enrollment, Dr. Appt, Transportation to and from school, medical appt etc. We are the School agency.

We get our referrals from SW at the school site.
Smart Start of Forsyth County Family Child Care Subsidies, NC Pre-K, DPIL

Program Brochure
Teaching and Learning Services Our Teaching and Learning Services Team provides training and technical assistance to include coaching and supporting childcare providers. The TLS Team consists of highly qualified Technical Assistance Specialists who have a strong educational background in Early Childhood Education and Administration.

Childcare Subsidies - Family Childcare Scholarship Program & Emergency Childcare Scholarship Program
Family Childcare Scholarships is an ongoing childcare assistance program that provides childcare scholarships to qualifying families residing in Forsyth County. Families qualify according to the income eligibility guidelines identical to the Forsyth County Dept. of Social Services. Childcare scholarships are available for children from birth through the start of kindergarten.

NC Pre-K Program
Smart Start of Forsyth County NC Pre-K Program is a state funded program and universal platform, in partnership with the Family Services Head Start Program and Winston Salem/Forsyth County School System. The NC Pre-K program is designed to provide high-quality early education that enhances school readiness for eligible four-year-old children.

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library
We believe that the power of sharing books and stories at home is perhaps more important now than ever before. Imagine the fun of receiving a free book for your child in the mail each month, building a library of books and a love for reading. We are working with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to get books into the hands of Forsyth County's youngest children.

Educator Scholarships
Smart Start of Forsyth County provides education scholarships to qualified childcare teachers and directors who are enrolled in Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs.

Child Care Health Consultant Services
Child Care Health Consultant Services will be provided through SSFC's Manager of Child Care Health Services and Child Care Health Coordinator, both are trained public health professionals. CCHC provides technical assistance in the form of consultation and coaching to early educators focusing on improving the capacity of childcare providers' health and safety outcomes. They will also provide trainings related to health and safety topics allowing early educators opportunities for continuing education.
Children must be ages birth to five.

Phone Contact, E-mail, or in-person meeting
Smart Start of Forsyth County Family Childcare Scholarships - Dual Subsidy Subsidy for childcare scholarships, emergency scholarships, NC PreK, Dolly Parton Imagination Library, Educator Scholarships, Teaching and Learning Services for childcare providers For subsidy must meet income guidelines and be either working at least 25 hours per week or fulltime in school or a combination of both.

Call Sherri Jones 336-714-4377 or email
You can also refer on NC Cares 360
The Parenting PATH Welcom Baby, Parent Aide, Fathers are Parents Too, Parent Coaching, Positive Effective Parenting Welcome Baby: In-home visitation for ages 0-2, providing education, case management and support for new mothers.

Parent Aide: In-home visitation for ages 0-18 providing education, case management and support for families at risk of abuse or neglect.

Fathers are Parents Too: 8 week class designed to improve parenting knowledge/skills and strengthen the father/child connection.

Parent Coaching: One on one intervention to assist individuals in managing their challenges as a parent.

Positive Effective Parenting: 10 week class for parents, topics include: ages and stages of growth, alternatives to spanking, developing family values/rules, positive ways to deal with stress.
Forsyth county residents

Please call 336-748-9028. We have intake services available from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. After hours emergencies, please call 336-529-7458.
The Pregnancy Network Program Information Brochure

Pregnancy Network Winston Salem Brochure
We provide free pregnancy tests, free limited ultrasounds, free STI testing, free pregnancy and parenting classes and resource room providing maternity clothing, baby clothing and supplies and furniture to clients. We offer women free, confidential services. We do not discriminate for any reason, including (but not limited to) age, race, sexual orientation, or religion. Women 17 years old or younger do not need parental consent to make an appointment to receive our services

To make an appointment, please call 336-274-4881 or email
United Health Centers Community Health Outreach

Program Brochure
We provide medical. dental, and behavior health services. All individuals with and without insurance.

Individuals can call one of our three offices at 336.529.8728.
United Healthcare Health insurance, patient centered benefits, incentives Active Medicaid, attending provider that accepts United

Apply for Medicaid
Winston Salem Children's Developmental Services Agency NC Infant-Toddler Program (NC ITP) Service Coordination
Physical, occupational, and speech-language therapies
Special instruction
Psychology, Social Work, and Family Counseling
Assistive technology

All Services are provided within the child's natural environment as a part of the everyday routines and activities in which families participate and in places where families would typically be. Natural environments are settings that are natural or normal for the child's age peers who have no disabilities. When services take place children can be at home with their families or at places within the community like the park, playground or daycare with other care providers.
Children aged zero to three with certain levels of developmental delay or established conditions, and their families, are eligible. No family is denied services because of the inability to pay.

Anyone with concerns about a child may refer him or her to the CDSA. Contact the W-S CDSA to refer the child, and staff will walk you through the process.
World Relief Triad Health and Wellness Program

World Relief Afghan Placement and Assistance

World Relief Free Employment Services

World Relief Refugee Services
Intensive Case Management services, direct therapy services (individual, couple, family, groups), psycho-educational and life skills based groups. The therapist does not provide child/adolescent therapy services, but will take into consideration 15+ depending on therapeutic needs, and will assist with referrals as needed. For intensive case management services they must be a refugee, asylee, permanent resident, Special Immigrant Visa, Cuban/Haitian Parolee, Afghan Humanitarian Parolees through the APA program, T-Visa (Trafficking), and have been in the United States 5 years or less. For therapy services there are no specific requirements, the therapist can see individuals as long as they have been one of the above mentioned statuses at some point, or they are an individual who is second, third generation immigrant, etc. It is always best to discuss a referral with the Case Specialist, Therapist, or H&W Program Manager due to potential exceptions that can be made for intensive case management services.

An official referral form will be provided to you to have on hand, or you may reach out to the Case Specialist, Therapist, or H&W Manager for a referral form and referral discussion via email.

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The Forsyth County Infant Mortality Reduction Coalition is a community partnership housed within the Forsyth County Department of Public Health.

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